PCLinuxOS Magazine September 2009
Issue 32

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  1. KDE 4.3 and Windows 7 ComparisonToday I'm comparing the interfaces for Windows 7 and KDE 4.3, making note of how they compare, differ and which one is best for 'Joe User'.
  2. Wiki Wicket: Share A Printer To Windows Without SambaSharing a printer with a Windows box usually requires Samba. In this tutorial, I will show you how to do it, without.
  3. Secure Passwords with opensslIf you have ever had to attempt to create a secure password, you may have undoubtedly tried to join together phrases, words and numbers in a seemingly random manner.
  4. Through The Lens: Photo Management SoftwareIf you are like me and have a large collection of photographs, you will need software to organize your collections. PCLinuxOS has several pieces of software to accomplish this task.
  5. How To Set Up Easy Samba File SharingThis method will enable you to set up Samba Shares with or with needing to use passwords.
  6. Double Take/GIMP TipWhether it's removing scratches from old photographs, restoring and sharpening digital images, or enhancing your photos, the Gimp can do it all!
  7. IRC: The Forgotten Chat FrontierDue to the popularity of instant messenger programs, like Yahoo! Messenger and MSN Messenger, IRC has became the forgotten frontier for a lot of computer users.
  8. Acer Aspire OneI would like to detail my experience with PCLinuxOS on my Acer Aspire One … All in all, PCLinuxOS suits the Aspire One rather well.
  9. AnagramsFor a little fun, check out these clever anagrams.
  10. Forum Foiblesms_meme has collected a bit of wisdom from forum signatures.
  11. Behind The Scenes: Neal BrooksThis month, we get the opportunity to meet with Neal Brooks, a PCLinuxOS Packager and Forum Moderator, and get a chance to get to know him better.
  12. Computer Languages A to Z: C/C++This article will concentrate on C and C++. C is the language which was used to port the original Unix operating system from the assembly language. It is used to write most of Linux.
  13. Scripts-R-Us: Repo Speed TestA few months ago, one of our forum members asked for a basic script that would test the download speed for various PCLinuxOS repository mirrors. This article is based on the script posted on the forum.
  14. Video File Format ComparisonIn my series of articles comparing various file formats, I turn my attention to video file formats.
  15. Ms_meme's Nook: In the PCLOS MoodA musical tribute to PCLOS!
  16. Movie Archiving With dvd::ripPut all of you CD's and DVD's on single hard drive!
  17. Cheap Film ScannerCreate high quality 'scans' using your digital slr camera.