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Sharing A Printer To Windows …

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Sharing a printer with a Windows box usually requires Samba. In this tutorial, I will show you how to do it, without.

On your PCLinuxOS Print Server

  1. Install your printer normally, using the PCLinuxOS Control Center.
  2. Make sure CUPS in PCC > System > Configure system services is set to start on boot.
  3. Open the KDE Control Center, and browse for Peripherals > Printers.
  4. Activate Administrator Mode, and go to Print Server > Configure Print Server > Browsing > Browsing Addresses.
  5. Click Add, and set the type to Allow. Enter the range of your network computers. You can enter a wildcard mask into the first box, like 192.168.1.*.
  6. Go to Print Server > Restart print server to restart everything and apply your new changes.

On your Windows clients

  1. Control Panel > Printers and Faxes > Add Printer > Network Printer
  2. Enter the url as
    http://yourprintserversname:631/printers/printername. "yourprintserversname" is the address of the computer your printer is attached to (e.g., "printername" is the name you call the printer in CUPS (e.g., HP_LASERJET_P1006).

You should now have a wonderful Samba-less printer now!

I do not know who the original author is, but this has made my life very easy, allowing me to set up my wife's WinXP laptop to be able to print to my HP LaserJet P1006, attached to my PCLinuxOS desktop system. And it works perfectly, every time.

One consideration to make is to make the IP address of the computer that has the printer attached a static IP address. This way, the address doesn't change or get reassigned by the router.

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