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Mark's Quick Gimp Tip & Double Take


Last time, I talked about removing an object from a photo using the Gimp Resynthesize plug-in. This time around, I want to show you how to easily ADD an object to a photo. Thee are thousands of plug-ins created y a huge community of GIMP users and developers. A simple Google search will give you a treasure trove of what's out there. I enjoy using some of the creative brushes. I recently found some tree brushes from These are realistic trees that can be re-sized using the brush tool. In the examples below, I show how easy it is to add a realistic tree to a photo. It's just a matter of downloading, unzipping, and installing/copying the brushes to /home/username/.gimp-2.8/brushes. Once installed, boot GIMP and select a tree from the brush menu at right. Then re-size, click, and place the tree where you want it. I created a separate layer for each tree so I could move them around a bit and edit them with an eraser. Get the brushes and add a tree with just one click!


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