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PCLinuxOS Puzzled Partitions


Sudoku Rules:

There is only one valid solution to each Sudoku puzzle. The only way the puzzle can be considered solved correctly is when all 81 boxes contain numbers and the other Sudoku rules have been followed.

When you start a game of Sudoku, some blocks will be preĀ­filled for you. You cannot change these numbers in the course of the game.

Each column must contain all of the numbers 1 through 9 and no two numbers in the same column of a Sudoku puzzle can be the same.

Each row must contain all of the numbers 1 through 9 and no two numbers in the same row of a Sudoku puzzle can be the same.

Each block must contain all of the numbers 1 through 9 and no two numbers in the same block of a Sudoku puzzle can be the same.

Tux Scrappler

217 points possible, average mark is 152


Follow the rules of Scrabble®. You can view them here. You have seven (7) letter tiles with which to make as long of a word as you possibly can. Words are based on the English language. Non-English language words are NOT allowed.

Red letters are scored double points. Green letters are scored triple points.

Add up the score of all the letters that you used. Unused letters are not scored. For red or green letters, apply the multiplier when tallying up your score. Next, apply any additional scoring multipliers, such as double or triple word score.

An additional 50 points is added for using all seven (7) of your tiles in a set to make your word. You will not necessarily be able to use all seven (7) of the letters in your set to form a "legal" word.

In case you are having difficulty seeing the point value on the letter tiles, here is list of how they are scored:

    0 points: 2 blank tiles
    1 point: E, A, I, O, N, R, T, L, S, U
    2 points: D, G
    3 points: B, C, M, P
    4 points: F, H, V, W, Y
    5 points: K
    8 points: J, X
    10 points: Q, Z

Optionally, a time limit of 60 minutes should apply to the game, averaging to 12 minutes per letter tile set.

Have fun! It's only a game!


1. Makes a plain background look like fine woven cloth
2. Makes the edges of an object fuzzy
3. Makes an object more shiny
4. Draws graph paper lines
5. A frame
6. Makes a wavy pattern with an object
7. Makes a plain background look like a coarse weave
8. Makes an object look like it is raised above the surface of the drawing.
9. Colors spread randomly in the background
10. Changes a plain background into one with a tiled pattern
11. Puts an angled edge on an object
12. Changes your background to look like a maze
13. Can make a very bright star in your drawing
14. Changes an object's appearance to a 3-dimensional object
15. Changes the colors of an object and background to look like a neon sign
16. Overlays your image with a puzzle pattern.
17. The best image manipulation program out there!


GIMP		Blur		Pixelize		Gaussian
Enhance		Sharpen		Distorts		Emboss
Engrave		Mosaic		Noise			Sparkle
Supernova	Artistic        Clothify		Weave
Glow		Decor		Bevel			Border
Displace	Map		Warp			Render
Plasma		Clouds		Pattern			Nature
Flame		Fractal		Checkerboard		Waves
Grid		Jigsaw		Maze			Chrome
Frosty		Neon		Glossy			Textured

Download the Puzzled Partition solutions here.

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