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July 2014      Issue 90

  • Welcome From The Chief Editor

    1. PCLinuxOS Recipe Corner
    2. KDenLive, Part Six
    3. ms_meme's Nook: Boogie Woogie Tex
    4. Improve Battery Life On Your Android Device
    5. Inkscape Tutorial: Reinvent The Wheel
    6. PCLinuxOS Family Member Spotlight: pinoc
    7. Game Zone: Monochroma
    8. Just Digging It With DIG
    9. PCLinuxOS Puzzled Partitions
    10. Don't Install Pipelight, It Helps Infect the Web With DRM and Microsoft
    11. Inkscape Tutorial: Create a Candle
    12. Programming With Gtkdialog: Part Four
    13. Handy Utilities To Organize Your Life, Part Four
    14. Screenshot Showcase

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