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PCLinuxOS Saves The Day!

by alex25502

On a part-time basis, I operate a professional sound system at the church I attend. Recently, I was working on a project with a performing arts group that was to perform at the church.

A small team of performers from out of town was to join our local group for the big event. Upon their arrival, one of them handed me a USB stick, which contained their music. Also given to me was a list of their skits and the names of the songs in chronological order.

Our multimedia booth has two Microsoft-based computers. Once I arrived in the booth, I fired up one of the towers. After inserting the stick, I waited for the tower to acknowledge the drive. Ain't happening! So I inserted one of my sticks in a nearby port. Mine was acknowledged. So I decided to repeat the process on the other tower. Same results.

Then I remembered I had brought my PCLinuxOS-based (LXDE 2012.01) netbook to the church. I figured why not.

After boot up, I inserted their stick. Moments later, PCLinuxOS acknowledge the stick! I copied the music to another stick, and immediately returned the other stick to its rightful owner. I explained my situation to him, then he told me that the stick had been formatted on an Apple! Obviously, Microsoft doesn't like Apple.

Had it not been for my netbook in my backpack, their part of the rehearsal would not have happened. A wasted trip of 40 miles (64.4 Km) -- one-way -- was avoided thanks to PCLinuxOS!

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