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April 2013      Issue 75

  1. Welcome From The Chief Editor
  2. Earth Day 2013: The Face Of Climate Change
  3. Windows Migration: Desktop Environments & Window Managers
  4. Windows Migration: One Installation, Two (Or More) Desktop Environments
  5. Mark's Quick Gimp Tip & Double Take
  6. ms_meme's Nook: Too Good To Be True
  7. Inkscape: Starting Your First Project
  8. Xfce Power User Tips, Tricks & Tweaks: Archive File Management
  9. How Do I Kill A Program Under LXDE
  10. Advanced Linux Sound Architecture (ALSA) Equalizer
  11. Normalize The Volume Of Your MP3 Files With MP3Gain
  12. GIMP Tutorial: Explore The Create Menu
  13. PCLinuxOS Recipe Corner
  14. PCLinuxOS Saves The Day!
  15. Get Off The Proprietary Merry Go Round
  16. Game Zone: iBomber Attack
  17. Screenshot Showcase
  18. 20 Years of Linux

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