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PCLinuxOS Family Member Spotlight: OnlyHuman

as told to Smileeb

This month, we get the chance to learn more about OnlyHuman.

How old are you?
I am 61.

Married, single or what?
I'm divorced.

Children, grandchildren?
I have one child.

Retired or working and for how long and at what?
Retired because of ill health. My condition limits me in doing many things I would like to do.

What is the area you live in like. Weather, Quietness, Scenery?
I live in the UK England in the southeast, it is country-like, quite close.

I stay in mostly, though in summer sometimes strum my guitar sitting in my garden.

Are you handy with your hands and have any hobbies?
I used to be fairly handy, but not now. Linux on the PC keeps me busy.

What is your education level?
Nothing much to speak of.

Do you like to travel, go camping?
It's fairly quiet here, but I don't go out much. I play a little on guitar just for fun.

What caused you to try Linux and join this forum?
I joined the PCLinuxOS forum years ago, in January 2009, as I fancied a change from using Windows. I tried a few distros very briefly, but PCLinuxOS seems to detect my hardware best, so stuck with PCLinuxOS. I made my personal PCLinuxOS e17 remasters.

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