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Game Zone: Survivor Squad

by daiashi

About The Game

Survivor Squad is a strategy action game where you control a squad of up to four survivors, and guide them through a highly randomized world looking for supplies to aid you on your journey.

Scavenge for supplies in every corner of every building, craft your gear, pick your skills and loadout while keeping your squad alive by covering every corner and moving as a group.

It is a game that encourages quick thinking and fast paced play since you need to pay attention to all of your squad mates. If you leave someone behind, chances are they will be pounced on and die. Move as a squad, and cover every corner.

The game features:

  1. Top down 2D strategy action
  2. Use melee weapons to take down enemies silently or go guns blazing
  3. Scavenge buildings for materials to craft your gear
  4. Equip gadgets to assist you in combat
  5. Highly randomized world providing infinite possibilities
  6. Capture infected buildings and defend them from the horde
  7. Several types of special infected that must be dealt with quickly
  8. Rename your survivors to have a more intense personal experience
  9. Four game modes: Campaign, Survival, Death Lab and Multiplayer.


Control your squad with the mouse, carefully planning where each survivor goes and where to look. The survivors have a limited view range, so it is vital to ensure you are looking where the enemy will most likely come from.

Certain events require you to move around a building while fighting off a horde, and you must keep a close eye on your squad or they will perish one by one.

Various types of the special infected have abilities, such as blinding powder or acid pool, that encourage you to quickly move your survivors, while making sure they are never alone. In campaign mode, you can capture infected buildings that generate resources, but must be defended from horde invasions.

If anyone remembers my review on Door Kickers, this title is similar, except this time you're up against hordes of zombies.

Play through a highly randomized world following a simple storyline with unique events and a conclusion.

Survival: Score based mode, go through as many randomly generated buildings as you can, never looking back.

Death Lab: Equip your survivor squad with a limited budget, and take them through a collapsed Lab. Good micro management of your squad is essential to your survival.

Multiplayer: The new multiplayer mode is a 1:1 scenario (Online/LAN), where one player controls the survivors, and another player controls the infected. The survivors must reach the extraction zone, and the infected must stop them by spawning various types of Infected around them. Will the survivors reach their extraction zone alive and well, or will they be devoured along the way? It's up to you!

System requirements:

Fully updated PCLinuxOS and Steam


  • Minimum:
    • OS: PCLinuxOS

    • Processor: 1.7 GHz dual core

    • Memory: 512 GB RAM

    • Graphics:Radeon 3850 or equivalent

    • Hard Drive: 900 MB available space

About The Company

Hugo Cardoso is the owner of Endless Loop Studios and developer behind Survivor Squad. This is his first commercial PC title, after developing several successful Flash Games. I hope you like what you see. If you have any questions post them in the Steam page discussions and Hugo will do his best to answer them.

Some Gameplay Screenshots

Getting It To Run

Install Steam (if you don't have it installed already), then start it. You will need to create a new account, if you do not already have one. Once you have Steam up and running, go to the store tab. Click on the Linux tab if you wish and search for Survivor Squad. Click on and download the demo. If you have updated your system, including graphics drivers, you should be good to go.

Survivor Squad

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