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Download Puzzle Solutions Here


Download Puzzle Solutions Here

PCLinuxOS Crossword Puzzle:September 2014
School Days

  1. Study of behavior.

  2. One of the science classes about living things.

  3. Teachers use this to help explain the lesson.

  4. Land characteristocs all over the world.

  5. Displays student works or important lessons.

  6. The person who does the educating.

  7. Learning how to make a logical argument.

  8. Keeping financial records.

  9. Painting, crafts, etc.

  10. Singing and playing instruments.

  11. Head of the school district.

  12. Term papers, spelling, grammar & such.

  13. Hopefully this class is Linux!

  14. To clear the chalkboard or correct your mistakes.

  15. Past happenings.

  16. She keeps things running in each building.

  17. Playing sports and staying in shape.

  18. Learning to cook and sew, anmoung other things.
Download Puzzle Solutions Here

School Days Word Find

Download Puzzle Solutions Here

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