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Welcome From The Chief Editor

With this, our 100th issue, I find it hard to believe that I started in this position 70 issues and 70 months ago!

Since then, I have learned a LOT! I've learned a lot about Linux. I've learned a lot about PCLinuxOS. I've learned an awful lot about Scribus, which we use to layout the PDF version of this magazine. And that all just barely scratches the surface.

Along the way, I've "met" many wonderful people, from all around the world. I've seen users come and go, and some come back again. Like with all families, I've watched the battles, and witnessed the peacemaking. I've been present for the outpouring of care, concern and love whenever one of our PCLinuxOS family members face trying times and events. I've seen members of the family shake off all formality and engage in frivolous fun, and the sharing of unyielding humor.

But, most important for me, I've been a part of the rebirth of The PCLinuxOS Magazine. When I walked away from my career as a photojournalist, I actually thought I'd never again call my journalistic training back into use ever again. It's funny how life throws you these curves, and prepares you -- unwittingly -- for things you could never possibly see coming.

Through it all, I'm proud to have been able to steer The PCLinuxOS Magazine back to being a thriving publication that showcases the best distro in the Linux universe: PCLinuxOS. While my journalism background has certainly helped to lay a solid foundation, there were many aspects of performing the duties of the magazine's Chief Editor that I was unprepared for.

Over the ensuing years, "we" have tried many things. Some were hugely successful. Others ... well ... not so much. But even when we've tried things that weren't as successful, we learned from the experiences. We've made an effort (and continue to try) to apply what we have learned towards making The PCLinuxOS Magazine the best community produced Linux magazine in existence.

In the time that I've been heading up the magazine, I've had other things in my life change. I've seen the birth of my son, which I shared right here in the magazine. Fairly recently, I've even quit one job and started another one. Don't get me wrong; I have no plans of leaving this position any time soon. I plan to be around to help steer The PCLinuxOS Magazine towards its second 100 issues. The one thing that remains consistent and unwavering is my desire to continue what we've built here. After all, I and the rest of the magazine staff -- past and present -- have a lot invested in what we produce here every month.

So, until next month, I wish for all of you endless happiness, serenity and prosperity.

Now ... on to the next 100 issues!

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