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Testimonial: My Thoughts About PCLinuxOS

by LinuxBorn

Well, I feel this topic's name is so good to introduce ourselves to tell about our first thoughts about PCLinuxOS. I am not opening the same topic name. I hope I will not upset anyone.

By the way, this is my first post here. Let's start, shall we ?

I had tried a few other Linux distribution And I like PCLinuxOS for being UNIQUE as STABLE throughout its timeline.

  • I have been using it for two years now. And I must say it's mostly ROBUST. Some 64-bit software don't always run well out of the Synaptic box. Some are missing from the repository. This is because I do use my Linux more than a regular desktop. Otherwise, it's really good for a simple desktop every day tasks. Beyond that, you will have to put your hand in CLI (Terminal) & config files.

  • What I love with PCLinuxOS is that there is no need to reinstall the whole things every end-of-life. For it has none.

  • Plus the fact that it was inspired by MANDRAKE 9.2 and it's cheering me a lot, for that specific Distro was my first ever on the Linux World. It's like a return back to past (2003) in our FUTURE (2015+). PCLinuxOS is MUCH more POWERFUL than what I remember about the non-powerpack Mandrake Linux at that time.

  • What I like less is that some UPSTREAM updated software to their latest version are not always stable or reliable while using add-ons like with GIMP & VLC . We have to wait for add-ons we are using to get updated as well. We do not have that choice to go back or pin to the previous version for a limited time until add-ons are upgraded. (Or I do not get the way to do that.)

  • Sometime apps are just not working with all functions (Lynx was not integrating GOPHER protocol last year). Some are not launching at all (for some are looking for libraries that are not in the right path, especially for X86_64 version) like BIND9, others rarely put their shortcut in the Xfce menu.

I'm not criticizing at all these things, for I signed up here to help and give feedback with what issues I can go through in order to see if any other 64-bit users have the same issues, and how we can fix them for the benefit of all. I'm doing that in the right forum places after deep searches at first hand.

Giving a BIG HUG to ALL the Community that is hanging out here.


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