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Playing Eldevin In PCLinuxOS

by Alessandro Ebersol (Agent Smith)

Eldevin is an award winning MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game) indie free to play game from Hunted Cow Studios. Join thousands of other players, explore the mystical land of Eldevin, with over 160 kingdoms, each inhabited by unique creatures and characters to interact.

Explore vast plains or descend into underground caves and hidden dungeons, make friends or enemies of various factions in an epic quest to defend the kingdom of Eldevin.

The story

The kingdom of Eldevin, for generations, has been a green and peaceful land. That all changed ten years ago with the discovery of the Elemental Spheres. It was thought that they were mere legend, but these powerful magical artifacts had an immediate effect on the kingdom, plunging it into confusion and chaos.

The royal family decreed that the Spheres should be scattered to the four corners of the world in order to not cause more destruction. It was too late. The presence of the Spheres corrupted their guardians. Now Tristan, ruler of the Infernal Empire, plans to conquer the spheres. Only the Kingdom of Eldevin is in its way.

With this epic story begins Eldevin, a wonderful RPG game, F2P, from the company above, Hunted Cow.

You start the game in a battle 10 years ago, when giant Orcs tried to steal the spheres and destroyed the kingdom of Eldevin. The battle was so intense, that it created an interdimensional vortex, sucking several soldiers into it, including you.

Now, magicians of the order of light are managing to rescue the exiled of the great battle, and so you reappear in the mystical tower, clothesless, without memory and not knowing who you are.

A very interesting point: the game has no defined classes. At first, you are a normal person, without many attributes. While developing your skill tree, you will start to learn more skills of one class than others, as you see fit. It is a very interesting feature, as it allows an immense flexibility when developing your character.

The classes

There are six classes:

  • Warrior: (Melee Damage)
  • Templar: (Tank) One who serves as a target and shield for his teammates
  • Assassin: (Melee Damage) Master rapid attacks and attacks over time ..
  • Ranger: (Ranged Damage) Specializing in archery.
  • Mage: (Magic Damage) You can use powerful spells to attack.
  • Prophet: (Healer) Heals party members with healing spells and resurrection.

The professions

You will learn from 14 different professions (mining, metallurgy, woodworking, crafts, etc.) and be able to create your own weapons, armor, shields, rings and talismans. You will also learn to fish, cook, skin and tan the leather of slaughtered animals. It's really interesting.

My opinion

This is a very good game, immersive, rich with a whole society (of which the player becomes part) and, with full interaction. Not only the game changes depending on the outcome of quests, but also changes if some quests are ignored. Graphically, it is beautiful. The staff of Hunted Cow worked hard, creating a rich set of details. Sometimes it is interesting to play it just to wander through the vast plains, or go fishing in lakes, or take a stroll on Eldevin beaches.

Ahh, one more detail: The game represents the passage of time, there’s morning time, noon and nighttime. The weather, however, does not change.


  • Rich storyline involving hundreds of epic adventures.
  • Huge world to explore, with many cities, areas, dungeons, and secrets.
  • Six talent trees with more than 200 talents.
  • Real-time combat system.
  • Use strategy and tactics to defeat epic enemies and bosses.
  • Enter PvP combat with your friends and enemies.
  • Your decisions and actions will affect meetings and future possibilities.
  • Classless system of combat; Eldevin players are free to learn more than 100 unique skills.
  • Train in 14 professions to create your own weapons, armor, items and talismans.
  • 16 general dungeons and dozens of small individual dungeons based on stories, both solo and in groups.
  • Hundreds of items, including over 40 unique sets, to obtain and collect.
  • Maximum level 45, to enjoy fantastic game content and consistent updates with seasonal events.


  • Updated Java virtual machine
  • Computer capable of displaying OpenGL 2.1 graphics
  • It works well even with Dual Core machines.

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