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Playing Villagers and Heroes in PCLinuxOS

by Alessandro Ebersol (Agent Smith)

Villagers & Heroes is a 3D fantasy multi-platform MMO available for PC and mobile platforms.

Villagers and Heroes, formerly known as The Mystical Land, is a fantasy MMORPG sandbox with an incredible amount of customization and freedom to the player. It is a joyful game that does not take itself too seriously, but still has much to offer, including a robust crafting system and accommodation for players. Developed by Neonga AG, was the first to be fully integrated with Facebook.


  • Explore a gigantic world with thousands of quests with story, hundreds of exclusive zones, some unique Zingaras and countless treasures!

  • Join with friends to attack dangerous lairs or defeat powerful Elder bosses!

  • Ride to glory on mighty steeds, fierce wolves, threatening spiders, agile deer and many other exotic mounts!

  • Forge your own weapons and clothing, wowing them with magic spells and heroic qualities you choose!

  • Crafts, gardening, farming, fishing, mining, cooking, tailoring, smithing, master 10 unique skills!

  • Build the most powerful village of the Seven Kingdoms with your friends and earn powerful rewards the from the village!

  • Play perfectly between the phone and the PC, sharing the same account on any device, wherever you go!


There are four classes in Villagers & Heroes, each with different abilities and tactics of fighting: Wizard , Hunter, Warrior and Priest.

Wizards and Hunters are the only classes which can attack from afar, avoiding danger. Priests and Warriors have to come in melee range to attack. To combat this weakness, they have certain abilities and their class armour and weapons are stronger and give more protection, while Hunters and Wizards tend to be weak up close.

The character creation screen

When starting the game, players have a wide variety of options when it comes to character customization. Players can choose their gender, height, skin tone, personality, shape of the head and face, eye color, hair style and hair color before choosing class options and skill. This allows players an amazing amount of customization, and is a welcome option for games that hardly allow any customization.

The controls are identical to most other MMORPGs. Players move using the WASD keys and use skills using 1-0. Keys as K and I open the skills and inventory windows, respectively, and players who are used to MMOs will easily be able to navigate quickly by V & H commands.

Many MMORPGs involve crafting, but require players to specialize in their creation and craft skills. V & H allows players to master the ten collection and craft skills, allowing players to play the way they want at all times. The gathering skills are Bug lore, fishing, mining and herbal knowledge. These skills often allow players to collect items that are useful on their own, such as food, but these skills mainly provide materials for the development of the crafting, cooking and potion making skills. The other skills are tailoring, cooking, crafts and smithing. These skills allow players to create powerful healing foods, create weapons and armor, and items that give bonuses.

But unlike other MMORPGs that make the professions, collecting and crafting a burden and prevent the progress of the player, V & M do everything in a way that is pleasant and fun, and does not hinder the story to develop.

One of the differentials of V & H is the possibility of building your home, join with friends and create an entire village and be the mayor of that village. Of course, not in the early levels, but when the character has enough experience, you can do such things. For fans of Minecraft, a real find.



The graphics are beautiful, in a cartoony style, and very detailed. Sometimes just traveling by the beautiful surroundings of V & H is a rewarding experience because all landscapes are very colorful, full of life and details. For example, the wind blows and swings the tall grass, water has beautiful effects and the whole creates a sense of wonder.

Cities, fields and hills in V & M


Each interaction with NPCs involves a lot of talking, almost all with voice overs from actors. The story and dialogue are light, full of puns and comments in jest, that surely will make you smile more than once, and is wonderfully silly. Not only that, care for detail is very high: The steps of the player change sound, according to the type of soil the player steps on: sand, stones, asphalt and metal which is impressive. The songs are also very good, reflecting the action and what happens in the game.

Combat in V & H


Villagers and Heroes is a strange game, in this MMORPG's games class. While most MMORPGs focus on the fight and in PvP game, Villagers and Heroes almost ignores them, and instead focuses on the creation and accommodation of players, creating homes and villages.

No darkness, no impending doom or monstrosities lurking. The game characters seem to be finding themselves in increasingly ridiculous and funny situations, that only a hero can solve.

V & H should be enjoyed without stress. And value is put in replayability, so much so that it includes an option of Rebirth; That is, you can send your character back to level 1 without losing items or elements of your home. After Rebirth, you get a XP boost and talent points to spend as you wish and your XP boost will not expire until you reach the level you were at the time of Rebirth. Different decisions can be made, perhaps on talents or professions without the need to create a new character, with no impact on your existing character. Rebirth is rewarded.

In short, V & H dodged successfully violence, gore and horror of the traditional MMO, creating a fun experience to be enjoyed with calm and patience, beautiful scenery to explore and beautiful music to accompany the player on his adventures.


How to run it on PCLinuxOS?

Simple, you just need Play on Linux, and click install game.

Next, look for Villagers and Heroes, as shown below, and the entire process will be automatic.

Play on Linux will download the game and all libraries (DX9) necessary for it to run, easing the process enormously.

So, enjoy Villagers and Heroes, and good adventures on the island of Ethos!

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