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PCLinuxOS Family Member Spotlight: Rhinomick

What is your name/username?

My username is Rhinomick (has to do with my musical preferences). My real name is Chrissos Kavounis.

How old are you?

Are you married, single?
I have been single for the last 6 years.

How about Kids, Grandkids (names and ages)?
I have an eleven year old sοn.

Do you have pets, what is your favorite?
No pets at all.

Are you retired, still working and if working, what do you do?
Working for about 23 years as a school teacher (primary school). Still too early to think about retirement!

Where do you call home? What is it like? IE: weather, scenery
I have been living for more than 30 years in the island of Crete in Greece. It's a beautiful place, has great beaches, but also high mountains. It's filled with tourists at this time of the year … hot, but not as hot as other places in Greece.

Where did you go to school and what is your education level?
I went to school in Aigio a small greek city, and then finished the pedagogical department of University of Crete in the city of Rethymno.

What kind of things you like doing? hobbies, travel, fishing, camping?
I play electric and acoustic guitar (played for many bands here). Also I play tennis, and of course, "play" with my computers.

Why and when did you start using Linux?
I started using Linux in 2009. Accidently read a book from a magazine about Linux, and loved the philosophy of free software. I installed it side by side with Windows for about a year, and then wiped out Windows.

What specific equipment do you currently use with PCLinuxOS?
For the last two years, I've used PCLinuxOS LXDE on a Compaq Presario CQ60 as my main system. The laptop has dual core CPU and 3GB of RAM.

What would you like to see happen within PCLinuxOS that would make it a better place. What are your feelings?
It is an awesome place to be anyway! The forum is great and I am always finding answers, most of the times just searching. I hope that more people will learn and use PCLinuxOS in the future. It is a great example of how Linux should be for the desktop users: fast and simple to use!

PCLinuxOS Family Member Spotlight is an exclusive, monthly column by YouCanToo, featuring PCLinuxOS forum member. This column will allow "the rest of us" to get to know our forum family members better, and will give those featured an opportunity to share their PCLinuxOS story with the rest of the world.

If you would like to be featured in PCLinuxOS Family Member Spotlight, please send a private message to youcantoo, parnote or Meemaw in the PCLinuxOS forum expressing your interest.

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