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PCLinuxOS Family Member Spotlight: Ratt Salad

As told to YouCanToo

What is your name/username?

Name: Oh, I have many, many... a lot, most commonly Abaddon or Muffin. Username: Ratt Salad
Rat Salad is actually a song by Black Sabbath, but my girlfriend thinks I'm a dish if that helps at all.

This is not a recent pic, I no longer have the tail... a fall from grace.

How old are you?
Wow, what year is it now? I stopped counting after 500! Apparently, I was born yesterday.

Are you married, single?
Happily, recently no longer un-re-divorced. I am currently dating an amazing person named Tria. She has been blind from birth and does not know any better. I also disconnected her braille-terminal, so this is between us.

How about Kids, Grandkids (names and ages)?
There are 2 beautiful girls named Dayna (14) and Lotus (12) who claim to be my offspring. Quite charming, I believe them. I am told that there are also blood tests that confirm this.

Do you have pets, what is your favorite?
Alas, my cat Pebbles (Flintstone) an orange tabby is no longer with us. Well, actually she is. I buried her in the backyard, underneath the Cherry tree that she planted herself!

Are you retired, still working and if working, what do you do?
I am a full-time megalomaniac, seriously it's not a part-time job. I am also a medical device prototype builder which allows me to work from home/the bar. I much prefer to volunteer my time at a local nursing home where I test my prototypes on the unsuspecting ... I mean the willing, yes that. Some of these folks are amazing chess players!

Where do you call home? What is it like? IE: weather, scenery
Right now I live in Ontario, Canada (recently corrected by another forum member). Summer is fantastic, Winter could not convince anyone of "global warming".

Toronto, Ontario Canada

I am a bit of an Urban Guerrilla, but Canada is a huge country (more than 9 inches wide on the map) and does have some fantastic places without buildings that are well worth a visit. But, home for me is still Tooting (London, England). If I die, and I'm not saying that I will, I would like my ashes scattered over the Thames.

Tooting Broadway, London, England

Where did you go to school and what is your education level?
Skool? Many countries. I acquired my BSC in Applied Mathematics at Trent University, BBA and LLB at York University (Founders College and Osgoode Hall respectively). Education level? Still wondering what I was doing at University!

What kind of things you like doing? hobbies, travel, fishing, camping?
I love kissing girls, skydiving, jigsaw puzzles, chess, battle chess and neon lights. I like Classical, Blues, Motown and Heavy Rock/Metal (absolutely nothing else). I play drums (apparently not very well), piano, 6-string and bass guitar. I enjoy writing computer software (can I write something for you?). it keeps my mind sharp and challenged, but does not help my spelling or grammar (you are spell-checking this, right?).

Why and when did you start using Linux?
This may sound insane, but it's actually true. In 1998, I walked out of a Dairy Queen, completely buzzed on Maple-Caramel-Honey and found Red Hat 5 discs in the parking lot. I took them home, discovered that it was way more fun than trying to program a VCR ... and well, here we are.

What specific equipment do you currently use with PCLOS?
A mouse pad... with a mouse? I have several machines for various tasks, nothing noteworthy.

What would you like to see happen within PCLOS that would make it a better place. What are your feelings?
I have been using PCLOS since pclinuxos-ZEN-mini-x32-2012.1. I have introduced many people to it and they still use it too. I also use pclinuxos-mate-2014.05 and an Xfce (Phinx, but I don't have the original ISO date). I also have 64-bit versions of all three. Unlike most folks, I do not have the need to reinstall my OS every ... well ever! It works, always has and that's all that I ever want it to do. I would like PCLinuxOS to stay the way it is. Free, independent, doing things the right way.

PCLinuxOS Family Member Spotlight is an exclusive, monthly column by YouCanToo, featuring PCLinuxOS forum member. This column will allow "the rest of us" to get to know our forum family members better, and will give those featured an opportunity to share their PCLinuxOS story with the rest of the world.

If you would like to be featured in PCLinuxOS Family Member Spotlight, please send a private message to youcantoo, parnote or Meemaw in the PCLinuxOS forum expressing your interest.

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