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Texstar's Heartbreaking Announcement

by Paul Arnote (parnote)

For nearly 15 years, PCLinuxOS has been a beacon on the Linux shoreline, offering both beginning and seasoned Linux users a stable, easy-to-use desktop experience. During that time, one man -- Texstar, a.k.a. Bill Reynolds -- has captained the PCLinuxOS ship through waters both calm and rough. PCLinuxOS is Texstar's baby. Without him, PCLinuxOS would have never been.

But, on June 15, 2018, forum visitors were informed of some serious and stoic news from Texstar. Here is Texstar's announcement:

Hey guys, I'm not doing well. Cancer is kicking my butt. I just wanted you to know that I most likely won't be around much longer. I also wanted to thank you all so much for your friendships and sharing the PCLinuxOS journey with me through the years. Please pray for me.

Texstar's announcement was followed by eight pages of well wishes, encouragement and prayers from forum members towards the battle he is facing. This is a huge announcement not only because of its subject matter, but also because it comes from someone who doesn't typically share a lot about his private and personal life.

Texstar took a sabbatical about 10 years ago to deal with a similar situation. He entrusted stewardship of PCLinuxOS to a group of developers, administrators and moderators that proved themselves untrustworthy. As a result, a near coup occurred, forcing Texstar's earlier-than-planned return to wrestle control of the PCLinuxOS reins from those that he had trusted. In the aftermath, feelings were hurt, divisions formed, and many of the developers from that time left PCLinuxOS to form their own distro (which has since gone extinct). Those who remained loyal to Texstar stayed and worked to help rebuild things that were left in disarray from the emotional departure of those who tried to take over.

Since then, however, Texstar has quietly chosen his "inner circle" a bit more wisely, having learned some hard lessons a decade ago. As a result, the appropriate and right people are in place to see that PCLinuxOS carries on for the foreseeable future, in the event that Texstar is unable to remain at the helm.

The PCLinuxOS Magazine joins all PCLinuxOS forum members and users in offering our well wishes and prayers for success in Texstar's fight against cancer. We also hope for the continuation of PCLinuxOS for many, many more years.

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