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Testimonials: Hello, There!, A Vote Of Appreciation

by Jeane

If it isn't the friendliest community in the whole linux land, huh? Hi there! [My] name's Jeane, after going through many, many, many distros. There has always been one who would be like "Oh this works great... then I find it does this, and it kinda breaks down the experience," be it the resolution, be it the xorg config, be it the drivers, be it that I plugged in something and my PC would start to do weird sounds, etc.

PCLinuxOS, on the other hand, never gave me any trouble on my main PC at all. In fact, it was quite... boring. A little tedious when changing languages, but otherwise, everything worked well! Resolution was an easy fix. I could choose the updates and packages I could upgrade, without W10 forcing it down my throat. It is stable, and it always ran well on my systems.

Admittedly I am bit skeptical when it comes to rolling releases, since I [would] rather maintain something stable over things that break. But, I know the packagers of this place do a great job at keeping that everything is in order, and it gives me a peace of mind the likes no others.

I am aware of the current situation with Tex, and I hope he is able to recover from cancer. He is the rare example of someone who consistently maintains and improves a distribution that has stood stable, and with no forceful changes. [This is] in opposition to many, many distros that have taken brand changes, went on a complete tangent and related (Tex is kind of like Volkerding but with a different mindset).

Well I am here now! Hopefully, you don't mind someone under 20 to join the ranks. (Hope there's also young people in here!)

A Vote Of Appreciation
by Treedragon

So I have been using PClinuxOS for quite a few years now, since version .92 from around late 2003. I was a late starter in the computer world debuting with Windows 98, and learned how by pressing the Start button and making mistakes, fascinated by it but not impressed... I started to fiddle with things especially the visual aspect and also discovered the world of "free" software but... well yes, it was Windblows based and somehow all over the place...

Then I tried Xandros briefly which, after reading between the lines here and there, led to PClinuxOS because in total the feel of it all it was and is, just simply right.

So for many years now I have been a quiet participant of the PCLOS world pursuing a personal flow of what I chose in looks, rootling through the software offered, learning at least just a little in what feels like a one step forward two steps back sort of way and knowing that it would just work. Sure very occasionally there were glitches and then there weren't, they were just fixed, sorted, dealt to, and the flow continued.

A flow I don't doubt that allowed so many to pursue their computer vision/experience with an OS that could be counted on. I and so many others just know that it will work especially with the help of the family, the forum members, willing to help if there were issues. What is most magical of all to my mind and sense of being, is how one person's dream/vision/ and maybe a touch of "Nah! stuff that, I'm doing it this way" (sort of thing)…... has created such a rare beast of immense value.

To this eye anyway, it is an aspect of much valued expression to individuality that by it's focus of purpose alloyed with strivings of quality and commitment that is a lesson to some of us. All this despite those times when that drive may have been a bit thin on the ground with degrees of angst and thoughts of "I'm to old for this sh**". Provision of an OS that allows for others to express themselves, built with degrees of dedication in the process all the while drawing in a community that simply astounds in this day and age of.... well the less than an ideal from some viewpoints.

Soooo... these words they are a Thank You to Bill Reynolds, your helpers and the ongoing dream, and maybe also just a reminder to self what a blessing it is to have an important aspect of daily life that simply just works, and as the advert says "It's Priceless". There are very few days going by that I don't give thanks for Bill's creation.


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