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From The Chief Editor's Desk

Sometimes, it's quite easy trying to figure out how to "help" Santa Claus figure out what the kids want for Christmas. For my son, it's anything to do with Transformers (he knows quite a lot of them, along with which side they are on) and most anything to do with Paw Patrol. Spider Man and Batman are also some of his favorites. For my daughter, it's anything to do with the Frozen movies. She also loves pretending to "make food" and tending to her baby dolls. He loves Legos, and she loves Play-Doh.

At other times, trying to "help" Santa find quality, educational and therapeutic toys is quite challenging. For every quality toy out there, there are at least four that are cheaply made, of poor quality, and are a complete waste of money. Trying to separate the "wheat from the chaff" can be very difficult.

We -- their mom and I -- don't want to "help" Santa get them a lot of the same thing. We want to encourage varied interests to fuel personal growth across a wide range of subjects and topics. With the release of the Frozen II movie (which she saw just the other night for her first indoor theater visit), my daughter will get quite a bit of Frozen stuff from Santa. My son wants Santa to bring him Transformer and Paw Patrol toys.

Dad and Ryan at a Cub Scout meeting.


On November 6, 2019, Texstar posted that Mr Cranky Pants - YouCanToo had suffered a heart attack, and was being transferred to the VA Hospital in Portland, Oregon. While there, they successfully stented open the blockages that were causing the issue. In the ensuing recovery, he picked up an infection that they had to treat. He finally made it back home on the evening of November 18, 2019.

MCP-YCT, a.k.a. David Moore, does an awful lot for PCLinuxOS. He hosts the main repository. He creates and sells computers with PCLinuxOS installed on them. He hosts the PCLOS-Talk messaging service. He hosts the PCLOS-Cloud file sharing service. He hosts the server for The PCLinuxOS Magazine. He also lays out the HTML version of The PCLinuxOS Magazine. He creates the ebook versions of The PCLinuxOS Magazine. He even has some monthly columns he writes for the magazine, as well as the occasional article. He hosts the PCLinuxOS forum. Plus, he is a popular and much-loved member of our PCLinuxOS family.

Having worked every month with David for over seven years on getting the magazine released, I assure you that working with him is truly a joy. Every month, he goes above and beyond to help get the magazine out in a timely manner. All of us associated with The PCLinuxOS Magazine, and PCLinuxOS users from all around the globe I'm sure, wish for David a fast, successful and complete recovery from this very scary ordeal.


This month's special holiday cover was created by Meemaw. It features a pair of Tux penguins enclosed in a snow globe.


Until next month, I bid you peace, happiness, serenity and prosperity!

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