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Mind Your Step: New Decade Edition

Podio is a project collaboration service provided by Citrix. The fact that this was in French suggests that the real sender could be in France, Switzerland or the province of Quebec.
(Fun Fact: French, German and Italian are languages spoken in Switzerland.)

The last two snippets are from cloud service providers. The Parsec referred to in the snippet refers to Parsec Gaming by Parsec Cloud whose web address is There is a Linux version of the Parsec client, but it is a Debian package for U****** only.

There is, however, another Parsec that specializes in UNIX. This is the Parsec Group and they provide training, support and consultation on all UNIX platforms, including Linux, as well as OpenVMS. Parsec Group is based in the Denver suburb of Arvada, Colorado.

With that out of the way, now for something a bit more pleasant.

Seeburg 1000 Update

Since I have written articles on configuring music players to connect to for background music, the website is now streaming the music through I do not know if the links provided in the articles are still good. But if not, then you may bookmark to get the streaming service. Yes, this is a http:// link and not a https:// link, but that is how Streema works as a streaming service for this particular channel.

By the way, I did subscribe to the Seeburg 1000 newsletter on their website.

Streema itself is accessed with a https:// link and operates on the CloudFlare platform. This streaming service is dedicated to radio stations and television stations worldwide.

For Michigan City, IN, both WE-FM and WIMS have channels on Streema.

JPG Magazine returns to print!

JPG Magazine is a publication that is dedicated to photography where each issue has some kind of theme associated with the content. The magazine went from a print publication to an online publication, and will be returning to print format. The older website, which will shut down this month, contained 66 of my best photographs.

I have since purchased archives containing the 26 online issues and have reclaimed my archive of 66 photographs. These were distributed with a Creative Commons license, and are now too good to publish just anywhere.

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