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From The Chief Editor's Desk...

My wife and I work very hard at being GOOD parents. We strive to make sure our kids know right from wrong. We strive to make sure they behave, and have a good "moral compass." We are involved in their school life, much more so than many of the parents of their classmates. We hear it all of the time from their teachers at school.

After all, our children are the longest lasting part of "our legacy," as children are for the vast majority of people across the planet. By teaching them and guiding them, they will (hopefully) grow into responsible, productive, well-balanced adults that contribute to that proverbial "greater good."

It's no secret that there are DEEP divisions across many sectors of society. While this column is not political in nature (and if you're thinking that I'm taking a political stance, then you are the one reading more into what I've written than is here), the biggest divide is probably across political boundaries and beliefs.

I've discussed my son, Ryan, before in this magazine. In my article in November 2020, I laid out the challenges he faces. He continues to improve in all aspects of his "challenges." Just get him talking about Transformers, Minecraft, or Sonic the Hedgehog, and he'll talk your ears off. You'll probably learn WAY more than you ever thought possible and more than you probably wanted to know about any of those topics. His reading is coming along fantastically, although we are now focused on improving reading comprehension. Math remains his favorite school subject. His new favorite reading material involves the graphic novel adventures of Dog Man and Cat Kid.

It's easy to fool yourself into thinking that he isn't paying attention to other "things" going on in his life. He typically doesn't acknowledge them. But every once in a while, he surprises you. Just the other night, he told us, "Idiots are ruining our world. I'm going to stop them."

In just that brief, passing statement, he let us know that he really is paying attention to those other "things" going on in his life. He senses and feels the tension in his world brought on by the massive division in society. At three months shy of his tenth birthday, he has shown a depth of thought, insight and understanding that many adults lack. He may not understand all the intricacies of the things that separate us, but he knows it isn't right.

The innocence of a child.

His mom and I really don't talk politics much at home. And, on those relatively rare times when we do, it usually isn't in front of the kids. Nope. These are things that he has noticed all on his own.

Proud? You bet! His mom and I couldn't possibly be prouder. And, it's validation that our efforts to teach and guide our children about right and wrong are working.


This month's cover photo comes from my wife, Laura. One of her patients at the hospital where she works gave her a flower. She thought it was pretty, so she took a picture of it. That picture (which you see on the cover) came out exceptionally good. Being Spring (in the Northern Hemisphere, at least), it made what I felt was a perfect image for this issue of the magazine.


Until next month, I bid you peace, happiness, serenity, prosperity, and continued good health!

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