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YAT: Yet Another Testimonial

by Odin

After reading so many testimonials (and writing one myself, I think, a long time ago), I have to say it again: PCLinuxOS is the best, most reliable distro ever, at least for me.

I come from Windows, like so many others, and I've always been dissatisfied with the bloat, the malware, and all the other, too numerous to mention, drawbacks that plague Windows.

Tried too many distros: some don't work at all, some are too obscure to operate, some are fine on Live DVDs but stop working when installed, some don't even see my wifi, some don't partition correctly, some don't have sound, etc. And it's not a machine-specific thing. I've changed gears many times across the years, and what I have consistently found was that in 100% of the cases, PCLinuxOS installs easily and works, out of the box, perfectly, and for a very, very long time.

It worked, and works, so well, that it was always an excuse for me to try other distros because, in my mind, if PCLinuxOS does its thing so well, the others must equally do so. Very wrong! I am amazed at how poorly other distros compare, and at how some simple things, which I take for granted now in 2015, can go so wrong.

So this is yet another testimonial to the greatness of PCLinuxOS, and how this distro, ranked now 13th on Distrowatch, deserves, in my opinion, to be no less than number 1.

I have been so happy with PCLinuxOS that I have finally (and I hope for good) removed Windows (this time Windows 8.1) from my computer completely. It is true that I miss gaming, and I hope more work is done in the future to have this pending issue solved for good.

Kudos to all, and to the friendly and helpful community on this forum!

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