PCLinuxOS Magazine August 2007
Issue 12

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  • EditorialWell, dear readers, this is our first anniversary issue, number 12. It's a milestone that makes me very proud to have been part of this project.
  • Letters to the EditorReader's bring us their questions and comments.
  1. Lessons from ChildrenLet's learn Gimp from the next generation.
  2. KDE User Guide Chapter 7Thank you, Papawoob for bringing us Chapter 7 of this excellent series!
  3. MS VistaOk, some of you have no choice. If you have to boot Vista, then by all means dual-boot.
  4. Backup w/ GrsyncHere's a fantastic tip for simplifying backup.
  5. Disabled and LinuxWhere is Linux and PCLinuxOS in regards to accomodations for the disabled?
  6. Linux TrackerDecyphering Torrents.
  7. User StoryA fine piece PCLinuxOS advocacy.
  8. PeerguardianProtecting you peer sharing privacy.
  9. AmarokGetting started with Amarok.
  10. Linux_Windows XP_ntfsHow to install PCLinuxOS with NTFS read/write enabled.
  11. Anonymous EditorialHow's the free software revolution going?
  12. Clone UserHere's a fairly simple way to create an identical copy of a user. Ok, only the user's files and settings, not the actual user.:)
  13. AliasesHere's a bit a Linux mastery. You can do it, too. Come on. Give it a try.